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What Our Students Say

Sorry, I will just share quick one. Before joining Blockchain Academy, I bought many online courses and even tried doing self-study, I'll tell you it is hard to understand. But after attending your training the other day, I was surprised with my exam score. You made a complicated subject seem so much easier. Thank you sir Amarjit, for all your help. I already pass my exam. Thank you so much.
Sarah P. - Singapore

Sarah P. - Singapore

Director, POS Systems

Hi! I just want to send you this email to say me and both my friends are happy and satisfied with the training. Thank you Ms Yaya for arranging our accomodation. One think I want suggest is if can next time we learn more programming for the front end GUI. But otherwise very very good training. Pls let Mr Amarjit know, I will sit for my CBP exam next month. Thank you.
Chan K. - Hong Kong

Chan K. - Hong Kong

Intl Remittance Officer

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