Blockchain Academy Plt. is a registered academy in Malaysia since 2016. We are one of the first blockchain training provider who is given the recognition as being able to provide true hands-on and effective blockchain trainings in Malaysia. Our courses are catered to a vast majority of new comers as wells experts from retail to banking and finance.

Our Mission

Blockchain Academt Plt's mission is to be become Asia's No.1 Blockchain training and certification provider. Period!

Training Methodology

Our training methodology is simple. We don't just teach theory. We have a good mix of theory and practical sessions. We get our students involved and engaged from day one, so that they are ready to go out there in the 'real world' and implement what they have learnt. In the last year 2017, we have been focusing on classroom and one-on-one trainings but due to the global demand for blockchain related courses, this year, 2018, we are preparing to go online. (Look for the announcement in our FB page soon.)

Why Blockchain Academy?

Because we truly care about our students! All instructors hired by Blockchain Academy are thoroughly vetted and approved. They are usually industry experts who are not only qualified to teach but also have a true passion to pass-on the knowledge and skills to the students.

Our Other Services

Being one of the pioneers, we've made some really good friends and connections over the last 2-years. There is a huge shortage of blockchain experts in the world and one of the key services we provide is for those participants who've completed a course with us and if they are looking for a job, we will do our best to link them up with the right companies. There is no guarantee you'll get the job, but at least your CV will be on the desk of the HR manager. If they call you in for an interview and if you do get the job, please give us a review.

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The Team

Amarjit Singh, Principal, Blockchain Academy

Amarjit Singh - Founder, CEO

Leading the pack is Amarjit Singh. He has over 15-years of experience in IT and has worked with some big name giants ie IBM and Citibank. Not only has he gained considerable knowledge in systems, security and crytography, he has also learnt how blockchains work. Amarjit has been directly responsible in helped several startups in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia with their ICOs and has drafted their complete digital plan and whitepapers for them. Amarjit is passionate about training and has successfully trained more than 2000 individuals from various IT and non-IT backgrounds, government sectors, banks throughout Asia. Amarjit is a Certified Bitcoin Professional, CBP (C4).  He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies. He's a member of P2P Foundation, Hyperledger and FAOM. Connect with him on LinkedIn

Peter Macaulay - Instructor

Peter Macaulay is a lead instructor with Blockchain Academy and is an expert with the Ethereum Blockchain and Solidity programming. Peter has worked as a network design architect focusing on FinTech business process workflow, Smart Contract design, testing and implementation including whitepaper preparation and review. Recent projects have included mobile and fixed line deployments with fiber and copper asset tracking using blockchain technology. Connect with him via LinkedIn

Ashraf Husni Zai - Consultant

With 7 years of background in the IT and Telco industry, he has broad and deep expertise across all IT technology stacks As an advisor, instructor and consultant to Blockchain Academy,  and his vast experience with managed network and security roles is truly a blessing for the academy.  He work with BIT as Division Manager has allowed him to understand blockchain technology and areas such as Security, Application Performance and Cloud Services.  He is currently developing private Blockchain solutions for IoT and Identity Management platforms. Connect with him via LinkedIn

Helme Mohd Yusop - Consultant

Helme is Blockchain Academy's advisor and consultant. His role with the academy has helped us focus on real-world use cases when discussing with our clients. With over 9 years of software development using Microsoft and Java frameworks, he has developed numerous turnkey applications for Government & GLC organizations. His work with BIT as their primary Software Solution Architect and Product Development Manager in the Innovation division has pioneered the e-Faraid system, the world's first government endorsed Islamic Inheritance Blockchain-run calculator system using unique algorithms.