Blockchain Academy Plt. is a registered and accredited training academy. We've been doing blockchain trainings since 2016. We are accredited by Institute of iBusiness (IIB) Council, a division of International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, which is one of the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body operating in 145 countries globally. We are proud to have been chosen for this recognition and accreditation.


Our mission is to be become Asia's No.1 Blockchain training and certification provider. We aspire to bridge the gap and provide practical hands-on 'job focused' trainings for professionals. Students of Blockchain Academy are finally able to attain a more holistic and well-rounded education in blockchain technology and ultimately become certified blockchain professionals.

Training Methodology

We deliver our courses in two ways; classroom instructor led and online. Most importantly, our courses are not just theoretical based, we believe students should have a balanced learning which is theory and hands-on practical. We carefully choose only the best lecturers and trainers to join us and all our trainers are certified, industry experts and have a strong background in security, systems, blockchains, smart contract programming, cryptography and dApps development.

The Team

Amarjit Singh, Principal, Blockchain Academy

Amarjit Singh - Founder, CEO 

Leading the pack is Amarjit Singh. He has over 15-years of I.T. experience. He's worked with some big name giants like IBM and Citibank. Not only has he gained considerable knowledge in network systems, security and cryptography, he has also learnt how blockchains work. He has hands-on experience working with bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, zCash blockchain just to name a few. Amarjit has been directly responsible in helping several startups in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia with their ICO planning and drafting of their whitepaper. Amarjit is very passionate about being part of a 'true' free economy and probably that's why he loves DLTs. As a prpfessional trainer, he has trained more than 2000 individuals in the last 10-years ranging from college grads, university students, corporate employees, government and bank officials in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Amarjit holds a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification and he is one of the first Certified Bitcoin Professionals (CBP) from C4 in Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies via distance learning. Amarjit is a member of P2P Foundation, Hyperledger and Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) and is proud to be a Board of Director member for IDACB, representing Malaysia.

Peter Macaulay - Instructor  

Peter Macaulay is a lead instructor with Blockchain Academy and is an expert with the ethereum blockchain and Solidity programming. Peter has worked as a network design architect focusing on FinTech business process workflow, smart contract design, testing and implementation including whitepaper preparation and review. Recent projects have included mobile and fixed line deployments with fiber and copper asset tracking using blockchain technology here in Malaysia and Cambodia.

Ashraf Husni Zai - Guest Trainer, Consultant 

With more than seven years of experience in server systems, networks, systems architect designing and recently blockchain coding and programming, Ashraf is truly a rare expert which we are proud to have in on board our team. Ashraf is our consultant and guest trainer here at the academy. He has vast experience with managed network and security roles. He worked for BIT as Division Manager and his role there has allowed him to understand how blockchain technology works and what it takes to implement blockchain in security, as a dApp as well how to put everything on cloud which is already helping few of our clients save thousands of dollars each year. Ashraf is also an expert in developing private blockchain solutions for the IoT market and he has a vast experience working with Identity Management on blockchain.

Helme Mohd Yusop - Blockchain Consultant

Helme is Blockchain Academy's advisor and consultant. His role with the academy has helped us focus on real-world use cases when discussing with our clients. With over 9 years of software development using Microsoft and Java frameworks, he has developed numerous turnkey applications for Government & GLC organizations. His work with BIT as their primary Software Solution Architect and Product Development Manager in the Innovation division has pioneered the e-Faraid system, the world's first government endorsed Islamic Inheritance Blockchain-run calculator system using unique algorithms.