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Course Overview

Bitcoin Blockchain Fundamentals is a practical course designed for anyone who is new to Bitcoin and wants to learn about Bitcoin, in detail. The course teaches the basics of what Bitcoin is as well as delves deep into the technology side of things, cryptography, time hashing, etc. You will also learn a great deal about Blockchain wallets, mining and ways to profit from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The trainer will also cover additional but eually important topics like ICOs, tokens, exchanges etc.

Who Is This Course For

  - MDs/ CEOs/ Founders
  - Chief Information Officers
  - Chief Technology Officers
  - Business Owners/ Investors
  - Anyone who wishes to learn about Bitcoin technology.

NOTE: You do not need any prior knowledge or programming skills to sit for this course. 

What Will You Learn

We cover 4 major areas:-

1) How Bitcoin actually works...the technology & security side of things.
2) Bitcoin transactions, exchanges & wallets.
3) Bitcoin it still profitable?
4) Future of Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies.

Exam & Certificate

In order to maintain the quality of learning, participants are required to sit for an online exam. There are 50 multiple choice questions. The passing rate is 70%. All certificates from Blockchain Academy are accredited, time-hashed and stamped on a public blockchain.

More Info, Course Modules & Next Intake

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