Blockchain for Business

Course Overview

Blockchain experts are raking in some of the most highly paid jobs in the world today. Blockchain workshop is designed for professionals involved in business who need to get an in-depth view of blockchain technology's potential (and weaknesses) and what it can truly do for their company and industry with a focus on IBM Hyperledger as the choice blockchain. Learn from an industry expert who has spent years working alongside blockchain projects.

Workshop Outline

The workshop is divided in 5-key areas.

  • Introduction
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs)
  • A closer look at Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Permisionless Blockchains
  • What is Hyperledger
  • Other types of similar DLTs
  • Challenges In Deployment
  • Introduction
  • Hyperledger Framework
  • Hyperledger Tools
  • Current Blockchain Usecases
  • Should Use/ Should Not Use Blockchain
    • Linux Installation Steps
    • MacOS Installation Steps
    • Windows Installation Steps
    • Introduction
    • Example Scenario: Tuna Fishing Industry
    • Transaction Flow
    • Chaincode!
    • Chaincode Implementation Steps
    • Creating an Application
    • Hyperledger Fabric Community

    Your Take Back

    Upon completing this workshop, you will learn about blockchains for the enterprise and a number of pertinent use cases. You will see how businesses are already benefiting from this technology and how they're creating efficiencies, transparency and increased savings and profits.


    This workshop is targeted towards business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn about the key fundamentals of blockchain technology specifically, IBM Hyperledger. You do not need to know programming to attend this workshop.


    You need bring a laptop with an internet connection. The rest will be provided.


    The facilitator of this workshop is Mr. Amarjit Singh. He has over 15-years IT software and hardware experience. He is very well-versed with the different types of blockchains. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) from C4 founded by Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) and Andreas M. Antonopolus.

    Amarjit  has worked for larger corporations like IBM and Citibank. He has considerable knowledge in network systems, security, hacking and DLTs. In the last 5-years, he has closely worked with several blockchain groups planning and deploying tokens and dApps for the crowdfunding,  payment processing, supply chain and education industry. He has been responsible to write whitepapers for several startups and has helped raise close to $50 million for several ICOs last year. Amarjit is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a certified trainer and has successfully trained close to 1000 + individuals from the government and private sector.

    Workshop Fee

    This 1-day workshop is priced at Rm998 only. [Rm898 early bird rate] inclusive of 2-tea breaks, 1-lunch and a Certificate.

    Full Money-Back Guarantee

    Upon completion of the workshop, if any participant feels the information and knowledge shared by the facilitator is not helpful, we will provide a refund* (t&c applies)

    Workshop Date & Time

    23rd February 2019 (Saturday)
    9am - 5pm

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