Blockchain Technology 101

Course Overview

Blockchain Technology 101 course is designed for absolute beginners to tech experts. Bitcoin was the first ever proof that a digital currency can be used besides fiat to purchase goods and services on the Internet. Blockchain technology actually powers Bitcoin and all other digital currencies. In this course, you will learn everything important about Blockchain, how Blockchain technology works, how to implement a proper blockchain deployment, how to ensure 100% security, the different type of blockchains out there, their strengths and limitations etc.

Who Should Sign Up

 - MDs/ CEOs/ Founders
 - Chief Fintech Officers
 - Chief Information Officers 
 - Chief Technology Officers 
 - Business Owners/ Investors 
 - Technical Engineers
- Anyone who wants to learn about Blockchain

NOTE: You do not need any prior knowledge or programming skills to take up this course.

What Will You Learn

We dive deep and cover 4 major areas of importance:-

   1) Blockchain technology: A bird's eyeview.
   2) Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0.
   3) Blockchain limitations, technical challenges & case studies.
   4) Setting up a private Blockchain (LIVE blockchain implementation)

Exam & Certificate

In order to maintain a high quality of learning, participants are required to sit for an online exam. There are 50 multiple choice questions. The passing rate is 70%. All certificates from Blockchain Academy are accredited, time-hashed and stamped on a public blockchain.

More Info, Course Modules & Next Intake

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