Certified Blockchain Technologist

Course Overview

Certified Blockchain Technologist is an entry level course that will teach participants everything about Blockchain technology, how it works and how to deploy in the real world. Unlike most other blockchain trainings, this course focuses on making the participant well versed in research and to discover the real possibilities of where Blockchain technology can be used. This course is more for entreprenuers who don't want to get their hands dirty in learning coding but rather prefer to know from a business perspective. It is truly an all rounded training.

For Whom Is This Course

- Managing Directors
- Company Heads/ CEOs
- Chief Technology Officers
- Business Owners 

or just anyone who wants to learn about Blockchain

NOTE: You do not need any prior knowledge or programming skills to take up this course.

Your Take Back

Upon completing this course, participants will get a thorough understanding of what Blockchain technology is and how it really works. The balanced approach used by the trainer will allow participants to plan and design a proper Blockchain framework for either their existing idea/ product or for new ideas. This is a 1-day classroom training and will be conducted by one of our certified trainers who is also a blockchain practitioner himself. Make an informed decision and know precisely what is a Blockchain, which blockchain to use and how to deploy it. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to all participants.

Modules Covered

Blockchain 101 - What is the Blockchain? - Blockchain: A Disruptive Computing Paradigm? - Blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (an Overview)

Blockchain 1.0: Bitcoin (Currency) - The Double-Spend Problem…Resolved! - Bitcoin: A Closer Look - Bitcoin Transactions - Bitcoin Mining

Blockchain 2.0: Smart Contracts - Financial Services - Crowdfunding - Bitcoin Prediction Markets - Smart Property - Trustless lending - Colored coins - Smart Contracts - Blockchain 2.0 Protocol Projects - Blockchain Dev. Platforms, APIs - Blockchain Ecosystem - Ethereum - Counterparty - Dapps, DAOs, DACs, and DASs - Smart Contracts - DASs and Self-Bootstrapped Organizations - Automatic Markets and Tradenets - Blockchain & AI, What’s The Connection?

Blockchain 3.0: Proof Of Existence & Artifical Intelligence  - Namecoin - Digital Art - Hashing Plus Timestamping - POE (Proof of Existence)

Private Blockchain Setup - Introduction to Multichain - Setup, Create & Connect to a Private Chain in Class - 2 real world Multichain case studies

Exam & Fees

In order to maintain the quality of learning, participants are required to sit for an online exam. There are 50 multiple choice questions. The passing rate is 70%. All certificates from Blockchain Academy are accredited, time-hashed and stamped on a public blockchain.

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