Ethereum Smart Contract Developer Course

Course Overview

Ethereum Smart Contract Developer course is a training program specifically designed for developers and programmers alike. In this course, you will learn a great deal about what is Ethereum, how it works and how to program and smart contract with it. There are many similar courses out there but so far, none match up to our program because we focus mainly on the actual smart contract programming and not just theory.

Who Should Sign Up

- Programmers
- Developers
- Coders
- Technical Engineers
- And anyone who wants to learn about Ethereum and Solidity.

What You Need

 - Basic Programming skills of C/C++,  or Java Script is highly recommended.
 - Participants should have some basic understanding of how databases work (MYSql or MSSql). 
 - A Smartphone (Android or Apple)
 - A Windows 10 installed laptop with access to WiFi.

What Will You Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to develop an end to end Dapp (Distributed Application) and track the transactions in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) using the peer-to-peer network protocol. You will be able to show Turing completeness in the examples. 

Exam & Certificate

There is NO exam for this course. In order to receive a time-hashed, blockchain verifiable certificate, participants need to complete the course either via classroom, one-on-one or online. Click the button below to find out more.