Ethereum Smart Contract Developer Course

Course Overview

Ethereum Smart Contract Developer course is a 3-day hands-on training program specifically designed for developers and programmers alike. In this course, you will learn a great deal about what is Ethereum, how it works and how to program a smart contract using Solidity as the core programming language.

Who Should Sign Up

- Programmers
- Developers
- Coders
- Technical Engineers

Note: Participants need to have at least some basic programming know-how to attend this course.

What You Need

 - Basic Programming skills of C/C++,  or Java Script.
- Know how databases work (MYSql or MSSql).
- A Smartphone (Android or Apple)
- A Windows 10 installed laptop with access to WiFi.

What Will You Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to develop an end to end Dapp (Distributed Application) and track the transactions in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) using the peer-to-peer network protocol. You will be able to show Turing completeness in the examples.

Exam & Certificate

Participants are required to sit for an online exam upon course completion. There are 50 multiple choice questions. The passing rate is 70%. A certificate of completion will be provided upon course completion.

Course Fees? Course Modules? Next Intake?

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