Ethereum Smart Contract Developer Course

Course Overview

Ethereum Smart Contract Developer course is a 3-day intensive instructor-led program that will teach you all about Ethereum and how to implement Ethereum Smart Contracts with Solidity.

Who Is This Course For

- Programmers
- Developers
- Coders
- Technical Engineers

and anyone who wants to learn about creating smart contracts using Ethereum and Solidity.

What You Need

 - Basic Programming skills of C/C++,  or Java Script is highly recommended.
 - Participants should have some basic understanding of blockchain.

Tools Required

Participants are required to have the following tools ready and in working condition prior to start of class:-

 - A Smartphone (Android or Apple)
 - A Windows 10 installed laptop with access to WiFi.

What Will You Learn

Participants will go through lots of hands-on coding exercises and will be able to develop an end to end Dapp (Distributed Application) and track the transactions in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) using the peer-to-peer network protocol. You will be able to show Turing completeness in the examples. We use Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), which are controlled by private keys to control Contract Accounts activated by an EOA.

Write to us to receive a complete course outline and course fees.

Exam & Certificate

You are not required to sit for an exam to complete this course. You will receive a Certificate of Completion which is time-stamped and hashed on the blockchain. This is important to show that you have actually completed this training program and your certificate is authentic and verifiable anytime, anywhere in the world. Participants are required to show active participation during the training and group activities to receive this cert.

Registration for this course is currently closed. 

This is a high-demand course. Seats are usually fully booked. It is advisable to pre-register. You will  receive a 10% 'early-bird' discount' and lock your seat for the next available training. We will inform you of the new dates via email.

Training Mode : Classroom
Duration : 3 Days
No. of Pax : 20 only

Lunch & Tea Breaks: Yes
Courseware : Yes
Certificate : Yes

The next available training dates will be announced soon. Pre-register & book your seat to receive a 10% early-bird discount.